The most important thing in life is health. It is very important to be knowledgeable and conscious about this issue in order to maintain health. Instead of worrying when our body gives any malfunction signal and producing bad scenarios, getting a little knowledge about the subject and being familiar with some terms helps us to talk to our doctor in a more relaxed and detailed way about our complaints.

kalitelibeslenme.com aims to provide you with general information to help you create a healthier lifestyle, based on scientific research supported by experts. At the end of each article or the number given in the article, you can reach the related resources.

Health is a very serious issue. For this reason, it is not right that we should make a diagnosis or pass our disturbance based on the information we hear from non-specialists.

It is also not right to use information, diet lists and exercises we learn from the Internet unconsciously and indiscriminately. What you read can prepare you for possible situations; but you will never find yourself in our inferences about our health without being examined by a doctor. Because of our habits, our way of living, our unique circumstances, just as we have lived in the past, our general adaptation to ourselves becomes misleading and dangerous.

Many diseases have similar indications and that’s precisely why it is very difficult for those without medical knowledge to know what happens when we have any medical complaints. The information on Qualitelabes.com lists the reasons for health problems but these are general information and there may be other reasons that are always outside.

Authority: Nilüfer Sipahi

Warning: Please use the information on our site for preliminary preparation and information only before consulting the doctor. Please do not substitute the information contained here for a doctor’s office. Without a professional opinion, remember that decisions you take yourself will pose a risk to your health.

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