Bodybuilding Misc Tips

I will share with you bodybuilding misc tips about nutrition and exercise to build muscle quickly. I tried these miscellaneous bodybuilding tips and it was really useful for me. You may have seen some of these in various bodybuilding forums. But these are tried tips and very effective.

A person who is aiming for maximum muscle building should consider sacrificing some issues. You may have heard this sentence many times, but you may not like it. Now I have a surprise for you.

With the various bodybuilding tips described in this article, you don’t actually have to make a big sacrifice. Because I was a little lazy too but I forced myself and now I can walk around with my muscular body I dreamed of.

No, dear, I am not a proud and arrogant person. Maybe I’m glad that I reached my goal. Anyway, let me explain what I am doing about bodybuilding and what tips I am successful with.

Top 10 Bodybuilding Misc Tips

1. Apply a Bodybuilding Program That Meets Your Goal
2. Increase Protein And Complex Carbohydrate Amount
3. Eat Healthy Fats
4. Use Correct Supplements
5. Start with Warm-Up, End with Stretching
6. Work Full Body for the First 4 Weeks
7. Increase Weights Every Week
8. Focus on Regional Muscles in the Second Month
9. Don’t Ignore Squat, Bench Press and Back Exercises
10. You Should Drink 3-4 Liter Of Water On Sports Days

First Misc Tip: Apply a Bodybuilding Program That Meets Your Goal

First, set your goal. Do you want to have bigger muscles or a fit looking beach body? For any of these two purposes, you should apply a full body program for the first 1 month.
Continue to the full body program in the 2nd and 3rd months to have the beach body!

💪For larger muscle mass, you can switch to regional training in the 2nd month. Also don’t be afraid to work on the machine. For beginners, machines are both more reliable and help you learn the exercises.

Second Misc Tip: Increase Protein And Complex Carbohydrate Amount

If you want the beach body, it will be sufficient to increase the protein. But for maximum muscle mass and maximum hypertrophy, you should increase the complex carbohydrate with protein. Because the energy required for proteins to perform their duties is provided from carbohydrates.

💪A young male with a mass of 80 kg, exercising 3 days a week, should consume at least 400 grams of complex carbohydrates and at least 120 grams of protein per day to have large muscles.

Alternatives Containing 400 Grams of Complex Carbohydrates
The amount of carbohydrates and proteins (grams) in food is given in brackets.
50 grams of oats (33-8,4)
1 banana (38-1.8)
1 tea glass of bulgur (34-4,5)
1 apple (12 – 0.2)
6 slices of whole wheat bread (102-29)
2 cups of whole milk (21-13)
1 serving of pasta (27-5)
1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (29-0.7)
10 tablespoons of boiled green lentils (54-34)
20 raw almonds (1,4-7,5-21.5)
4 walnuts (1.8-4.8-11.87)
2 pieces of lavash bread (74-9)

Alternatives containing 120 grams of protein (Protein and Fat Amount)
200 grams of turkey meat (skin not peeled) (40-8)
100 grams of chicken meat (37-26)
2 cups of whole milk (13.3-13.3)
1 handful of nuts about 25 grams (3.5-14.5)
4 eggs (25-19)

Third Misc Tip: Eat Healthy Fats

You also need healthy fats for muscle building and protein synthesis. It is very important because they participate in the production of hormones. In fact, many bodybuilders are afraid to eat fat because they think that their fat rate will increase.

The fact is that healthy fats do not increase fat, but carbohydrates increase. If you want to make a beach body, you should increase protein and healthy fat while eating carbohydrates limited. Of course, these must be balanced.

For large muscles, you should increase carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats together. For example, while eating 1 tablespoon of coconut oil a day, you should also get carbohydrates from foods such as oats and bananas. You can also choose suitable dry foods from the list above.

Fourth Misc Tip: Use Correct Supplements

You can use whey protein powder if you cannot get enough protein while applying a healthy diet program for the beach body. One banana may be enough before the exercises. However, it will be very useful to use BCAA amino acids after exercise.

Gainer, which contains high carbohydrate protein, vitamins and minerals before exercise, can be very useful to build larger muscle. After exercise, glutamine and a quick-digestible whey protein supplement will allow the worn muscles to be repaired in a short time.

💪In addition, creatine monohydrate will show your muscles fuller and pump as it has the ability to draw water into the muscles.

For both targets, taking fish oil pills before going to sleep at night will provide a better listening and sleep pattern.

Fifth Misc Tip: Start With Warm Up, End With Stretching

Warm-up exercises reduce the risk of injury. For this, always do warm-up exercises before starting the exercises. For this, you can do brisk walking for 5-10 minutes on the treadmill for 10 minutes. If you have excess weight, you can increase this time up to 20 minutes.

You can do a few stretching and stretching exercises after the exercise is over. This allows the muscles to lengthen. The time must be very long. Just take 5 minutes and get better muscle building.

Sixth Misc Tip: Work Full Body for the First 4 Weeks

Working with the full body program for the first 1 month not only teaches you to do the exercises correctly, but also allows you to get stronger in a short time.

💪As your strength increases, you can work with heavier masses in subsequent exercises. In addition, running all regions once a week has more positive effects on growth and testosterone hormone.

In the full body strength training program, 2 exercises are sufficient for each region.

💪The number of sets for the beach body can be 2, and the number of repetitions can be 12. (Weight fixed)

💪Let the number of sets be 2 and the number of repetitions 10 for maximum muscle building. (Weight should be increased in each set.)

Seventh Misc Tip: Increase Weights Every Week

For both targets, you must increase the mass you used in the previous exercise. Because always using weights with the same mass causes the muscles to adapt to this situation. Thus, exercise is not useful.

For example, if you work with 40 kg in bench press exercise in the first week, you can work with 42 kg on the second day. However, for larger muscles, you can apply this in every set. Thus, maximum muscle growth can be achieved with better resistance.

Eighth Misc Tip: Focus on Regional Muscles in the Second Month

Full body can be done longer for a fit look. However, after applying the first 1-month program, it will be more effective to work two areas every day for maximum muscle building. However, the most important tip when applying regional programs is to give priority to large muscle groups.

Should you focus on the pectoral muscles first or arm muscles? The answer is undoubtedly the training of the pectoral muscles. If you do chest exercises after doing arm exercises, it will be inefficient. Because working arm can tire you.

Ninth Misc Tip: Don’t Ignore Squat, Bench Press and Back Exercises

I started to develop better when I focused on training my leg muscles with Squat. In addition to this, it was very beneficial to pull up bars to work the back muscles. While Barfiks worked my back muscles, it also interestingly improved my forearm and back arm muscles.

You don’t need to use heavy dumbbells for Squat. For starters, your own body weight will suffice. You can then continue with small masses with dumbbells.

Tenth Misc Tip: You Should Drink 3-4 Liters of Water on Sports Days

It is not possible to build muscle without water. You should replace the fluid you lost during exercise. You can also get vitamin C by adding lemon to the water. You can also add BCAA supplements. However, you should drink plain or not, in total 3-4 liters of water.

CONCLUSION: When the bodybuilding misc tips in this article are applied, you can increase your muscle mass in a short time. However, you need more detailed information about nutrition, you can find a bodybuilding diet for a larger body in the link below.

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