Bodybuilding & Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding is to strengthen the body in every respect with free weights, tools and machines, or using body weight. Undoubtedly, muscle building requires conscious and programmed work. Unfortunately, most people are adversely affected by information pollution, and maybe even after years of struggle, they get no results. Most of those who provide noticeable change also lose their health. In fact, this situation is due to the wrong purpose of weight training. So if natural bodybuilding is not possible, we are moving away from the real goal.

The ultimate goal of bodybuilding is to strengthen and develop the muscles and various systems of the body, and to provide aesthetics by keeping the person healthy, fit and fit at all ages. However, today it is this sport that is performed by most young people only for aesthetic concerns. In other words, especially young people want immediate results and health is the second priority for them. Of course, we can exclude those who really read scientific articles and do enough research. Unfortunately, the majority do sports unconsciously.

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Bodybuilding and Muscle Growth

Although bodybuilding is a very popular sport in many societies and it is a basic sport with versatile benefits, it is a sport that is misunderstood and prejudiced by those who do not do it. Therefore, questions such as “does bodybuilding shorten the height?”, “Does it kill manhood?”, “Does the body hang when you quit” have always been a matter of curiosity. Therefore, many parents resist sending their children to this sport.

Now is the time to break prejudices, to eliminate mistakes and deficiencies. In order to realize the dreams, not only effort and determination is enough, but also it is necessary to have enough information about that. You can find all the curiosities about bodybuilding in this article. So let’s get started, let’s take action.

What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding means developing the muscle fibers in the body proportionally. According to another definition, body building is the exercise of initiating anabolic reactions by sending the right signals to the muscles through the central nervous system and feeding the muscles properly. In this context, the term “correct signals” has become very important for muscle building. Because if you send false signals to the muscles, you may lose them instead of building muscle.

Bodybuilding is not just about lifting weights and eating, but also about combining exercises and nutrients in the right way, at the right time and in sufficient quantities. This can be done in two ways. The first is all-natural bodybuilding, which is healthy. The second is unnatural ways.

Let’s imagine the time of the Spartans. Do we have any concrete information that these giant men were using anabolic steroids to build big muscles? Let me tell you right away, there is no such information. So to be like Rich Piana, Dorian Yates, Lou Ferrigno or Phil Heath, there is no need to endanger our health.

Natural Bodybuilding

The term natural bodybuilding can be defined as building muscle without using an anabolic steroid or performance enhancer. However, today, it may not be possible to eat only meat, like the Spartans, because of the busy work schedule. Also, this can be quite costly.

As a result, the term natural bodybuilding can point to some levels. For example, the use of protein powder to meet protein needs without using anabolics is semi-natural bodybuilding. Because many protein powders can contain anabolic substances.

Those who care about their health or who do bodybuilding to be healthier can choose the completely natural bodybuilding path. But this really takes a lot of effort, a fairly long process and serious determination. There is no obstacle for people who have a lot of time, financial power and determination not to take this path.

Professional Bodybuilding

In order to say that I am doing professional bodybuilding, it is necessary to have internationally valid cards such as IFBB or Wabba International Pro Card. If a bodybuilder doesn’t have the IFBB pro card, he’s doing bodybuilding as an amateur. It is undoubtedly not easy to have such a competence.

To get an IFBB procard, you must first rank in your region in the USA. Then you have to make a nationwide degree. If the goal is to be Mr.Olimpia, it is not enough to have only IFBB pro car. To be able to participate in Mr.Olimpia, you have to win IFBB shows many times. Also, as the degrees you earn in Arnold classic increase, you can receive an invitation from the Mr.Olimpia competition.

Maximal Force

Maximal force can be defined as lifting the greatest possible weight as a result of the voluntary contraction of the nervous musculature. In other words, the greatest force exerted by the muscles is the maximal force. According to another definition; it is the ability to reach the greatest possible force with voluntary isometric contractions.

Static studies that develop the maximum force; can be listed as resistance, tensile and compression force. Dynamic studies that develop maximum force include reaction, pull, push and throw forces. These forms can be shaped as a result of different variations in line with needs or goals.

Quick Force

It is the ability of the nervous muscular system to resist external resistance with a high-speed contraction. Rapid force is also called elastic force and explosive force. Because the nervous musculature can accept and apply a rapid load and response using the reflex system of the muscles. In addition, the elastic structure of the muscles is also effective in the formation of these reactions.

Rapid force can also be defined as the greatest force that can be created in the shortest time. For this, the neuromuscular system must overcome any resistance as quickly as possible.

The speed of the challenge time depends on the intra-muscular coordination, the rate of contraction of the fibers that can be activated, and the contraction force of the muscle fibers. In other words, rapid force is characterized by improving the speed of movement. In this context, rapid force appears as the dynamic realization of the maximal force.

Muscle Hypertrophy

The most important physical adaptation created by weight training or bodybuilding exercises is muscle growth or hypertrophy. Not all resistance training programs can produce maximum muscle growth, but many programs produce minimal hypertrophy. Therefore, it is very important to choose the most suitable bodybuilding training program for the person.

Muscle growth can be defined as the increase in the total mass of the muscle. In addition, increases in the number of muscle fibers may be observed as a result of maximal strength or very intense bodybuilding exercises, although not very often. If an increase in fiber count occurs as a result of any intense training, this condition is called hyperplasia.

Muscle growth can be observed within a few weeks after the implementation of training programs. It takes at least 6-8 weeks to achieve visible changes. However, this situation is thought to arise due to 3 factors. These can be listed as mechanical loading, muscle damage and metabolic stress.

Maximum Muscle Growth

Resistance exercises, nutrition, rest and hormonal processes are very important for muscle hypertrophy. The goal is to synthesize proteins such as actin and myosin and to increase the cross-sectional area of ​​muscle fibers. To achieve this, the newly synthesized protein requires more than the number of proteins being broken down. This process is known as positive net protein balance. Exercise and nutritional support are required for muscle growth to reach its maximum potential. So how does this process take place?

Myofibrils in the muscles are damaged during weight lifting exercises. Depending on the number of satellite cells, your body starts to repair these structures called muscle threads.

Since the repaired muscle fibers are thicker and more numerous than before, their ring grows larger. Repair of muscle fibers takes place with adequate nutrition and good rest after high intensity exercise.
Muscle growth can be formulated as follows:

Muscle Growth = Muscle protein synthesis rate > Muscle protein breakdown rate

For muscle growth, muscle protein synthesis should be greater than muscle protein breakdown. In other words, muscles damaged after sports should be repaired by protein synthesis. Of course, good nutrition, rest and sleep should be sufficient for this.

The most basic way to achieve muscle growth is to follow a healthy diet that includes quality proteins, healthy carbohydrates and fats. However, maximum muscle development depends on the intake of nutrients at the right time and in sufficient amounts. For example, it is vitally important to consume proteins that are digested quickly, such as whey protein, within 30 minutes after a workout.

Now, if you want to achieve maximum muscle development with bodybuilding exercises in a short time, you can take a look at the bodybuilding tips below.

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