Turkish Restaurant Near Me In Istanbul

If you are wondering if there is a Turkish restaurant near me in Istanbul, I can tell you about 5 places with delicious food. Those who intend to come to Istanbul should definitely see the Sultanahmet, Beşiktaş, Nişantaşı, Kadıköy, Adalar, Istiklal Street in Taksim, the Bosphorus and the Belgrat Forests. Therefore, I will give information about the restaurants in this area.

In Turkish restaurants, of course, you can find delicious dishes such as Turkish Kebap, mujuk, İmam Bayıldı, leaf wrapped in olive oil, raw meatballs or ravioli. However, in some businesses, you can also find options that are suitable for the 20th century French “New Kitchen” approach.

Turkish restaurants that adopt the “New Kitchen” approach prefer a healthy nutrition based approach. It also respects different cultures and new trends. In this context, many businesses in Istanbul can offer vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as kitchens suitable for vegan diet.

5 Great Turkish Restaurants Near Me

The criteria we considered when preparing this list were as follows: The first criterion is that the restaurant is located in places where tourists visit a lot. The second criterion is that prices are not expensive compared to other businesses. The third criterion is that the restaurant gets the highest score according to user reviews and is a very popular venue.

Another important point that we pay attention in the formation of the list is whether there are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free options in the business.

Buhara Ocakbaşı Restaurant

Seeing Sultanahmet means having a nice history breeze. There you can visit the historical buildings of the Ottoman Empire, Hagia Sophia, Gülhane Park and further on Topkapı Palace. If you are hungry after visiting these places, you can go to Buhara Ocakbaşı Restaurant.

According to user reviews, the business has a very high score. It is one of the 6th best places in Istanbul. Buhara Ocakbaşı, the popular place for those who want to see friendly and friendly people, is highly appreciated with its beautiful service. However, it can be a bit noisy because it is crowded.

You can also find seafood in Buhara Ocakbaşı, and suitable vegan options. Moreover, the prices range from 90 TL to 159 TL.

Summit Bar and Terrace

If you want to see the midpoint of the Bosphorus, you can go to Beşiktaş. Historical buildings that you need to visit can be listed as Çırağan Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Yıldız Palace Museum and Ihlamur Pavilion. Afterwards, you can choose “Summit Bar and Terrace” to cool off or eat something.

According to the comments made, it is a business that ranks 57th among 10000 restaurants in Istanbul. According to the comments, the score is pretty good. A very popular terrace.

It has vegetarian-friendly cuisine, contemporary cuisine and European cuisine. The wind-blowing wind is quite refreshing. The prices are also affordable and are between 75-150 TL.

Hanzade Terrace Restaurant

After Sultanahmet, you can stop by Hanzade Terrace Restaurant while passing the nearby Pier Loti Street. According to user reviews, it ranks 29th among 9172 restaurants in Istanbul. There are almost no dissatisfied to visit.

I am a little meticulous and difficult person. However, Hanzade Terrace’s food and service are very good. Also, the prices are not too expensive.

Today, the restaurant, which is temporarily closed due to the Korana, has Seafood, Barbecue, Turkish, Middle Eastern and Grill kitchens. In addition, vegetarian-friendly, vegan options and gluten-free dishes attract many tourists.

Lotiz Lounge & Hookah

Lotiz Lounge has the vision to share the tastes that will leave a mark on the palates and create pleasant memories. With this vision, it deserved to be one of the most admired and even leading venues in Istanbul.

You can eat delicious appetizers, salads, hot meals, main courses and interesting desserts in the restaurant, which gets full points according to user reviews. In addition, the meat and fish cuisines of the business have quite good alternatives.

I can say that the prices are quite cheap. Many people find the prices between 30-80 TL very cheap compared to the tastes offered. The venue is ranked 2nd among 9172 restaurants in Istanbul. In other words, the score is very high.

Another feature is that it is sensitive to special dietary forms. For example, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diet is to offer delicious and suitable options to those who adopt a diet.

Yiğit Sofram Gözleme ve Kahvaltı

If your path falls to Beyoğlu Taksim Square, I can say that it is a place worth walking 500 meters from there. You came to Istiklal Street and wanted to eat something for breakfast. That place might be Yiğit Sofram.

I’m talking about a business that has earned the Certificate of Excellence for 2018-2019. The business has Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. It offers its visitors vegetarian and vegan options. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for gluten-free nutrition.

It ranks 78th among Turkish Restaurants in Istanbul for user reviews. Users are very satisfied. Visitors gave a very high score in terms of food and service. I can say that the price range is between 3-35 TL, which is very cheap.

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